Page Break Productions was formed in October 2015 and is located in the beautiful surroundings of Aberdeenshire. Over the past eight years Brodie Marno and Richard Burke have been working on a slate of eight feature films and two television projects which have been incorprated into the Page Break portfolio.

Page Break is working with emerging and established Scottish talent to develop original media content for a global audience across all platforms, including theatrical (Cinema), television broadcast and on-line/Video On Demand.

For more information regarding Page Break Productions please contact:



+44 (0) 1330 826500


Banchory Business Centre

Burn O'Bennie Rd, 


Aberdeenshire, AB31 5ZU



M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm
Sat - Su Closed



Page Break Productions Limited has acquired the intellectual property rights for 8 feature film projects and 2 television projects, all of which will be developed for production and international distribution through SPVs.

In addition to developing the current portfolio, development funding will be committed to the acquisition of new titles and the development of additional, new ideas for film and television projects. Page Break will respond to market opportunities to shape its slate, acquiring intellectual property that will enhance the commercial value of the slate. The portfolio of projects is not static and will expand from the initial slate of 8 film projects and 2 television projects.

“The film business has an impressive history of stability. Even at the height of the last financial crisis, as stocks whipsawed, banks imploded and real estate holdings cratered, demand for film remained stable. As is the case with any given year, many of the films released during those dark days would have lost money, but across a diversified portfolio there have historically been a sufficient numbers of moneymakers to ensure that the film business as a whole remains consistently in the black. Such resilience is magnified during downturns as film ends up outperforming other investment options.”

The Benefits of Film Investing, White Papers 2015