During our first 3 years, Page Break Productions Limited will achieve the following key objectives:

  • Develop 8 feature film projects for production and theatrical release; 
  • Raise funding for and produce a minimum of 3 feature films during the first 5 year period; 
  • Develop 2 television series for production and broadcast; 
  • Populate the film and television projects with emerging and established Scottish talent including writers, directors, co-producers and principal cast; 
  • Develop film and television projects that comply with the eligibility criteria for relief schemes under HMRC, including the Producer’s Tax Credit and the High End Television tax relief scheme;
  • Grow Page Break Productions Limited as a recognised global brand representing high quality Scottish film making and television production for an international market;



Richard Burke will make his directorial debut from his own script, In Sight, a Scottish psychological thriller slated for production in 2016. Following a successful business career, Richard has worked as a screenwriter (Whistle My Lad, Stealing Tomorrow and Brandenburg), an Executive Producer (Shaun Hughes’ Carino and Utopia) and a Producer (Whistle My Lad).


Brodie Marno produced the BAFTA-nominated short film Whistle My Lad. He has supported projects as an Executive Producer (Utopia), a Co-Producer (the Light Parades’ Adolescence), a writer (Stealing Tomorrow and Off the Grid) and a Production Assistant (BAFTA winning No More Shall We Part).  In addition to his work at Page Break, Brodie continues to produce corporate and educational films

Page Break will work with key advisors and consultants, including:

  • Mark Jones: Distribution and Publicity Consultant; 

  • Phil Rymer: Legal, Lewis Silkin LLP; 

  • Paul Taiano: Accountant, Nyman Lisbon Paul; 

  • Kate Wilson: Producer and Film Finance Consultant.