In Sight

Website: www.insight-movie.com

Genre: Thriller

Writer/Director: Richard Burke

Producers: Jezz Vernon, Michael Silva and Michael Collins

Notes: To be filmed in Vancouver and Bowen Island, Canada

Synopsis: An apparent accident on the day of her graduation leaves Victoria Stevenson blind. As she recovers in her parents’ isolated island home, she realises she is not alone, and at the mercy of an assailant.

Crush Short Movie

Crush (2018)

Website: www.crush-movie.com

Genre: Drama

Writers: Richard Burke & Brodie Marno

Producer: Ally Barry & Michael Silva


Synopsis: Crush is a story about infatuation and temptation. Kirsten has a crush on Sean (whose marriage is going through a difficult patch) and he’s pretending that there’s nothing in it. Until…. she invites him to dinner. He should’ve said “No”, but now he’s locked into her agenda - which could lead to a potentially life-wrecking affair.

This is an ‘asymmetrical relationship’ between two individuals where one is infatuated and the other is being drawn-into a commitment which is not all it seems.

Initially the audience will jump to conclusions about who has the power - and then the film will take them in a completely different direction. It’s about love, idolisation, obsession, and respect set in the frantic city-life of Vancouver B.C.

Crush aims to provide a different perspective on how such relationships develop: they can never be condoned, are rarely simple and seldom play out like popular-press headlines.

Whistle My Lad (2014)

Website: www.whistlemylad.com

Genre: Period Drama

Writer: Richard Burke

Producers: Chris Robb and Brodie Marno

Synopsis: Agnes West (15) the daughter of a successful fisherman from the isolated village of Crovie in the North East of Scotland, falls in love with Fraser (18), the son of a rival skipper. The two fathers have been feuding over ‘fishing wars’ and haven’t spoken for many years.

The young couple fall deeply in love and decide to defy their fathers. Seeking sanctuary in a local sea cave, away from the prying eyes of family and villagers, their relationship is sealed in a mix of love and fear. When Fraser’s father discovers his son has been seeing his rival’s daughter their tryst must cease. With defiance and unerring love, they decide to run away from their repressive village life.


STAR-Crossed (2015)

Website: www.whistlemylad.com

Genre: Thriller

Writer/Director: Richard Burke

Producer: Brodie Marno

Synopsis: After a long first day, trainee lawyer Victoria Stevenson returns to her Edinburgh apartment to finish unpacking her belongings and get some sleep.

As she undresses to get ready for bed, she sees a man in the garden watching her through a telescope. When she confronts him, nothing is quite as it seems and the outcome is far from predictable.